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Transition to LRA in some areas of EDH - UPDATE


Article Posted May 17, 2013:

The final LRA Map for the El Dorado Hills area was received from the State Board of Forestry (CalFIRE).  Note: that the approved LRA changes are significantly less than what was proposed by the State Board of Forestry (CalFIRE).  This map does not represent what the El Dorado Hills Fire Department Board of Directors approved below in the Article posted on March 20, 2013.

pdfFinal 2013 SRA Review El Dorado Hills Planimetric Map


Article Posted March 20, 2013:


The El Dorado Hills Fire Department has approved CalFire's suggested transition from SRA (State Responsibility Area) to LRA (Local Responsibility Area) for the following areas of El Dorado Hills:

 2013 SRA Review AEU-22 Planimetric Map

 2013 SRA Review AEU-23 Planimetric Map

 2013 SRA Review AEU-24 Planimetric Map

To read more about the SRA Fee and to view the original maps, please follow this link.