"Our Mission: We, the El Dorado Hills Fire Department, exist to serve and protect the Community through emergency management."

Program Information

To reduce the threat of wildland fires in our community, your Fire Department will again implement the Unimproved Property Hazard Reduction Ordinance (Vacant Lot Program).  This ordinance requires that the owners of unimproved property cut and/or clear combustible vegetation as outlined in the Unimproved Property Hazard Reduction Standard.

The intent of this program is to establish a defensible space of 100 feet around all homes, buildings, and combustible fences that abut to unimproved property.  The defensible space that is created by cutting and/or clearing flammable vegetation improves the ability to survive a wildland fire and increases the safety margin and working room for Firefighters.

Note: It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that their property is in compliance with their HOA as well as the Fire Department’s standards.

**Serrano residents must comply with the Serrano El Dorado Owners' Association "Tree Removal and Pruning" rule, and obtain approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to pruning or removing any Heritage Oak Tree. For more information, please see the Association website at www.serranohoa.org, or contact the office at (916) 939-1728.

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