"Our Mission: We, the El Dorado Hills Fire Department, exist to serve and protect the Community through emergency management."


IMPROVED FORM SUBMITTAL: Please fill in the required information below and attach your plan file(s) or upload a link to your storage file then hit SUBMIT. You are required to review and incorporate the El Dorado County Fire Standards that apply to your project.


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*Please select your Project Type below and refer to our Fee Schedule for initial fees due. An invoice will be sent to the Billing Email provided for prompt payment. Thank you.

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For Civil Improvement Plan Submittal, a Fire Department Specs Plan Sheet is required as an additional plan sheet and shall show or indicate the following:

1. A copy of Fire Flow letter.
2. A copy of Fire Department Conditions of Approval (COA's).
3. Overview of development or specific phase layout to scale.
4. Roadway widths throughout the project.
5. Turnaround measurements.
6. Show the required turning radius through each roadway turn in the project, around or through gates, and at turnarounds (this shall be represented by a set of dashed lines that indicate a 40’ inside and 56’ outside turning radius).
7. Fire Lanes and indicate how they will be marked or signed. Must include a copy of the Fire Lane Standard.
8. Show fire hydrants.
9. Show gates, gate width, and road width at/through the gate.
10. Show the required two-ways out for public and emergency vehicles, as required by Title 14 Regulations.

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Additional Structures: List Square footage of each building and the Construction type.
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Email plans to plansubmittal@edhfire.com with your Permit# and Property Address in the subject line AFTER submitting this form.

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