"Our Mission: We, the El Dorado Hills Fire Department, exist to serve and protect the Community through emergency management."

Knox Box

The El Dorado Hills Fire Department has adopted the Knox-Box® Rapid Entry System for access to secured buildings, or in areas where immediate access is necessary for firefighting or life-saving purposes, as specified in Chapter 5, Section 506 of the California Fire Code: 


506.1 Where required.  Where access to or within a structure or an area is restricted because of secured openings or where immediate access is necessary for life-saving or fire-fighting purposes, the fire code official is authorized to require a key box to be installed in an approved location.  The key box shall be an approved type and shall contain keys to gain necessary access as required by the fire code official.

506.1.1 Locks.  An approved lock shall be installed on gates or similar barriers when
required by the fire code official.

506.2 Key box maintenance.  The operator of the building shall immediately notify the fire code official and provide the new key when a lock is changed or rekeyed.  The key to such lock shall be secured in the key box.

The Residential and Commercial KNOX-BOX is a high security key safe that only the El Dorado Hills Fire Department can access.  With a Residential or Commercial KNOX-BOX installed, the we can respond quickly, without forcing entry. We simply remove your entrance key stored inside, provide emergency assistance and re-lock your door after your emergency has been mitigated.

Approved models:
Residential- *Knox-Box® Residential 1650 Series; Knox Home Box
Commercial- Knox-Box®3200 Series - Hinged Door ; Knox-Vault® 4400 Series (Heavy Duty - Single Lock)

High security box and vault access are restricted to the fire department.  The Knox high security system is comprised of a tamper proof box made of heavy steel. It can be bolted to or built into the building near the main entrance and/or the fire riser room door. Building keys for each occupancy are provided by the owner or occupant. They are identified and placed into the box which is locked by fire personnel. The single high security key, carried by fire personnel are locked in each engine by a special Knox security system.

The Residential Knox-Box® is a high security key safe designed for Single Family Homes that only local emergency responders can access. When you are injured or become critically ill, paramedics can respond quickly, without forcing entry, when a Knox-Box® is installed by your front door. They simply remove the entrance key stored inside, provide medical assistance and re-lock the door when they leave.

The low security Knox access is different in that it provides access through gates by fire service and law enforcement personnel. The Low Security key cannot open the High Security Knox Boxes. Tamper proof pad locks make up the majority of low security systems.  Again the Low Security system does not provide access to buildings just property.
These locks are used on non-electric gates. For electric gates, the Knox key switch system is used which is wired into the electric gate.

How to Order:

  • Knox-Box® Low Security products can be purchased with an AUTHORIZATION ORDER FORM which is available at the El Dorado Hills Fire Department, Administration Office located at 1050 Wilson Blvd., El Dorado Hills.
  • You can order the High Security knox boxes online at www.knoxbox.com following these directions.
  • At this time, you are not able to order Low Security knox boxes online; you must come to the fire department and obtain the AUTHORIZATION ORDER FORM.